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Due to the air masses contrasting greatly on each side of the front, it is very possible for violent, unstable weather conditions to form. Being ahead of an approaching cold front can create one of the most extreme weather conditions to form, known as tornadoes. As a cold front approaches, atmospheric pressure drops. These fronts occur along with a low pressure area. The air pressure will also increase with the temperature, and the skies will begin to clear as the stratus clouds begin to give way. Once the air has reached its dew point temperature, water vapor saturation will occur. When the air is warmer it can hold more water vapor. If both the dew point temperature and the air temperature are equal, the air becomes saturated and is holding its maximum amount of water vapor. Intense downpours that tend to last for a short time are common due to towering cumulonumbus clouds.

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The wind will come from an easterly direction ahead of the front, and will be generally cool. In this article i will suggest and review a number of sources that offer reliable and helpful statistics and maps for these monstrous but beautiful storms. Minerals with more positive ions for acid to attack will also weather faster than minerals without. Though many do not realize it, Venus actually has quite a bit of active weather within its atmosphere. The temperature is also increased by the enhanced greenhouse effect that results from this atmosphere. They are created from simultaneous, regularly scheduled temperature readings at different locations. As the front approaches, rainfall gradually increases, and the clouds preceding the warm front are most often stratiform. Thunderstorms can be deposited amidst stratiform clouds preceding the front, and the thundershowers can continue after the frontal passage, if the mass of warm air is unstable. After a frontal passage, warming and clearing is typically rapid. Once 100% relative humidity is reached, its dew point temperature is reached. The lowest temperature of the day occurs just before sunrise so this is when dew is most likely to form because the dew point temperature will have been reached.