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The Moon changes it sign every 2 & 1/2 days making it impossible to judge the Moon Sign by only the date of birth. The Deer Lick Group, LLC is the organization that is making this all possible. The Colorado Springs Astronomical Society (CSAS) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the enjoyment of the nighttime sky. Star parties are our most frequent activity where we meet at a dark sky site and observe the night sky. When Jesus was born, “wise men” (astrologers?) saw his star. Typically, we schedule one official monthly star party and club meeting. CSASTRO hosts public star parties, often in conjunction with nature education programs of the El Paso County Recreation Department. The undergraduate program consists of a focused physics education combined with a wealth of skills from the humanities and social sciences. In these cases, you may choose to have more of a lecture and/or a computer program. We have mostly clear nights in our area, but some nights will be stormy or too moonlit for good viewing.

All told, this is a good basic telescope. This telescope is easy to use and powerful all at the same time. How can two systems of the same twelve signs but different zodiac starting points exist side-by-side? This can be an important field of science as sun activity can have a major impact on the Earth. Muslim mathematicians worked in every field of mathematics such as Al-Jabir founded algebra. It is also of great historical significance, owing to the major political events that took place here. Please choose the name of a place. DON’T MISS your opportunity to view Moab and the surrounding area in its unique dark sky setting. As a result of this, many have never had the opportunity to view the Milky Way as it should be seen – draped across the night time sky, glittering in its beauty and majesty! URL of a web page related to the site, if you have one. Watching caterpillars turn in to butterflies was one of the highlights of our science program that year! This is not a constellation pointing program. CSASTRO also hosts and administers the Earth Orbiting Satellite Observing Club (EOSOC) program for the Astronomical League. Our club is a member society of the Astronomical League (AL) and the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA).

Based in the Netherlands, our international team of mechanical, electronic, optical and software engineers share passion for astronomy, science and technology. Numerology is that the science of numbers and names. Look at the worlds of Politics, Art, Science & Medicine, Hollywood, The Ice Age, Astronomy, Astrology, Ballet, Animation, The Army, Asia, Teaching, Music, Europe, and the like. If this sounds confusing, look at the diagram to the right. Here are some things to do and explore on your summer holiday trip, please have a look! Go take a look! We now live in a modern society where many of us live in light polluted areas. Eratosthenes’ calculation is about 15% too high, but the accuracy of his figure would not be equalled until modern times. When they configure with the slower planets, they tend to work as messengers, dispatching for the slower planets at a more specific time. The observations showed that two planets are orbiting it, both of them similar to the planets in the inner part of the Solar System.

Once one is at peace with ones destiny and strong enough to calmly undergo it, ones need for astrological assistance decreases and one lives a calmer and more content life. When you get as far out as the tiny Pluto, it is hard to tell if you are dealing with a planet or a large asteroid, one of the miscellaneous pieces of rock left over while the planets were forming. This is one of our little frogs the day he metamorphosized from a tadpole into a frog and left his “pond” for life on land! On the other hand, there are little clashes on the availability of the extremely commanding lasers. CSASTRO members are automatically made AL members upon signing up. However, many members get together on short notice for impromptu observing sessions throughout the month. We do some of that using our green laser pointer, but your guide, Alex, wants to get you up into the cosmos with a personal experience all your own! May I get my own Chart?