Astrology As Cultural Astronomy

The MVAS observatory is one of the nicest amateur facilities I’ve ever visited. The chapters on spectral line emission have been updated to cover measurements of the neutral hydrogen radiation from the early universe as well as measurements with new facilities. While it is a high focal ratio (f/20) instrument quite different from the fast 20-inchers amateurs use on the deep sky today, it is well suited for Boonshoft. While there’d been clouds threatening all afternoon, we got a small respite just after dark. Dark, narrow lines in quasar spectra are produced by absorption of radiation in intervening clouds of gas, many of which are enriched with heavy elements. The clouds didn’t, however, and our looks at M13 and M57 (and Jupiter and Venus, too) turned out to be all the observing we did for the star party portion of the 2015 Apollo Rendezvous. Astrologically, Jupiter is now in a state of deep debilitation. My first talk, at 9:30, was the tech-heavy equipment-centric one for the day, “Expanding Your Final Frontier with Astro Video,” which is about using high-sensitivity integrating video cameras to capture the deep sky.

I was back on at 11 with my “fun” talk, “Things That Go ‘Bump’ in the Night Sky,” which focuses on the fascinating STRANGE STUFF that’s to be seen in the sky. Despite the rather esoteric nature of the talk, the hall was packed with enthusiastic amateurs who asked many questions. After spending some time with the beautiful old telescope, I asked my tour guide, Rick, to take me to the hall where I’d give my talk so I could set up. For instance, how old was it, anyway? Leslie Peltier is one of my astronomy heroes, and I was moved when I sat in his seat in the well maintained Merry Go Round Observatory. Therefore astrology is the retort to make people sentient what career to prefer in order that they can have well ascertained career. All the labs in the school are well equipped with latest apparatus, techniques, and instruments.

The most visible, like the International Space Station, are in low Earth orbit, and are easier to spot in the summer, when the sun shines for longer periods — thus, satellites have more time to reflect it. Sagan’s scientific research achievements and discoveries about other planets in our solar system, and their applicability to the Earth were immense. However, astrologist said that this is not fixed it is changeable and stopped the negative effete from the changing positions of planets. Being a professional astrologist will allow you to help solve your problems and other people’s problems. Thanks also to the rest of the MVAS membership and the Boonshoft staff for just being so darned nice. Boonshoft was originally a rather generic natural history museum, but has in more recent times re-purposed itself as a children’s museum not unlike my own city’s Exploreum. Frankly, I have so much astro junk at home that my main goal these days is giving stuff away, not acquiring more. I am not much of a beer drinker in these latter days, so while the rest of our company was enjoying exotic dark ales, I contented myself with Michelob Ultra (Raj: “SWEET! Only 95 calories!”).

The optics of the original telescope have unfortunately been lost, but the MVAS has installed a 5.7-inch refractor very much in the spirit of the original. My first presentation would be in an hour, and I have learned through bitter experience to always leave plenty of time to check projectors and P.A. Following lunch, I had a long break; I wouldn’t give my final presentation till 3:15, about an hour and 45-minutes away. I go on. Everything was in good order in the medium-sized room, so I wandered about the museum with (yet another) cup of coffee in hand till it was time for the first of my three presentations. Mostly, people who are confused in life and want someone to guide them it is during that time astrology comes to extend a helping hand. These angular relationships are called aspects and they make up a fundamental part of astrological technique, upon which we can overlay the meanings of the signs and houses.