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The Nodes are Karmic points. Not only are we working on finding inhabitable planets, watching new stars form or old ones collapse, locating astroids to visit but we are creating new technologies that benefit all of mankind. By 8pm, I was on the road back to the Old Manse with the RV-6 and sure didn’t feel like I’d foolishly sacrificed my evening on the altar of public outreach. The GGB turned 1097 lunar sidereal months old on this day This was a day leaving 197 days in the year and her son, Anderson Cooper, turned 19,007 days old. The Nodes take 18 months to travel backwards through a sign. The North Node has been asking us to look for the group of friends and associates who will best support our aspirations in the future over the last 18 months. They are at 0 degrees until August 21st when they will cross into a new set of signs, Capricorn and Cancer.

That doesn’t happen every time an object passes through my shot, but only when the orbit, rotation of the earth, and orientation of the satellite are all in alignment. It is a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse at 29.26 degrees Cancer at 10:35 pm eastern time and is the most powerful of the Eclipses. Zoe Moon Astrology Zoe Moon began her journey as a singer/songwriter with BMG Music and Arista Records, traveling the country, connecting with others of varying spiritual disciplines, sharing song and insights, and honing her techniques as a reader. Indian astrology helps sports development. Then, out of sheer frustration, he would take the help of an astrologer who helps him decide his career with the help of Career astrology by date of Birth. Astrology helps and benefits your life in so many ways. Astrology is one such means that is helping people to cater with the problems regarding their future. Here, a study of the Job astrology would also give us a heads up on Job vs Business astrology means if job is better or business for the individual.

A person would always be interested in a career which will give him enough money to enjoy the luxuries of life. Each House has its own importance for career. ·If Jupiter is positioned in the 7th House of a female there may be delay in marriage or would have an unhappy married life. There are times when after selecting a particular career, the person finds that he is not fit for the particular career. On studying the birth horoscope for Job vs Business astrology, the astrologer is able to give a proper Career Prediction based on the nine planets and the twelve zodiac signs which represent some career traits. The astrologer can do career predictionby study of the planets and the various houses they are positioned in to help an individual make a decision. It is the mind which dominates the thoughts of a person and the thoughts that give rise to actions, so the Moon sign also has an impact on career prediction. The female who is desirous of getting married will take the help of an astrologer to know more about marriage astrology.The astrologer will do a study of the horoscope and give a Marriage Predictionand tell about marriage compatibility.

·If both Jupiter and Venus are positioned in the 7th House, it indicates love marriage especially in the female horoscope. ·If Jupiter is positioned in the 7th House of the marriage horoscope of a female, it indicates that the female would want a very honest and highly qualified person as her husband. Time of getting job can be checked by seeing the transit of the 10th House Lord. Mostly, astrologers would do a career predictionby telling you about the opportunities of getting a job. At such times, they would turn to Career astrology by date of birthto know chances of getting the job. Choosing a career is not all that easy. It might be you face a sudden downfall in your prosperous career or even lose your job. Even horoscope writers admit that some of their success rests in not saying too much. There are times when in spite of trying a lot, there is no success and frustration sets in. So, as you can see, there are intense energies at work. So, what is going on with all of these high profile deaths of late?