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We won’t be dealing with any major weather system but a series of impulses or undulations in the polar jet will keep the powder coming through Monday night. It won’t be much and it does not appear like any will fall Friday night but I would expect a few fluffy inches during the day Saturday with perhaps a fresh inch by first tracks time. Long-range forecasts have a strong and very cold weather system affecting southern Arizona out somewhere around New Year’s Day. There is no clear blocking pattern over the Arctic Circle, meaning cold weather may be even more difficult to come by. We now see a well-defined blocking situation over the Arctic Circle, with strong positive height anomalies in Greenland and into Canada. Indeed, in a positive PDO those coastal waters exhibit positive SSTAs, while a negative PDO typically brings colder waters. Unfortunately, this could mean the second straight colder than normal winter, as I place more trust in this analog set than the one we first analyzed. I’m not as ready to accept this precipitation composite, considering how dominating the El Nino may be this winter, but as always, the analog set will be refined in coming months.

This precipitation pattern is still somewhat aligned with a typical El Nino pattern, though the dryness in the Southeast argues against this somewhat. We still see warmer than normal conditions in the upper Midwest, but these warm anomalies are more restricted than they were in the first analog set. The weekend (12th and 13th) is still shaping up to be a real winner. There will be more developments as we progress through the weekend and into next week. This brings us to the holiday weekend. I apologize for getting the holiday weeks mixed up since I know its a big one for many of the MRG faithful. I think we should see some slight improvements as we progress through the holiday week. I would love to see Bryan Clay get the spot he desires and the Decathlon get some much needed PR. After you have prepared your emergency supplies, you can get CPR and AED certifications. 1850 – Ellen White, the founder of the Seventh Day Adventists is reported to have made numerous predictions of the end of the world.

By Thursday afternoon however, the mercury will surge into the 40’s and readings could remain above freezing for at least a two day stretch. The precipitation composite for these four analog years shows a very stormy East Coast, with anomalies anywhere from 4 to 6 inches above normal, most enhanced in the Southeast. The temperature composite for these four choice analog years is also a change from the other analog set. My thoughts will undoubtedly change, but that’s what weather does: change. The image above shows 500mb height anomalies across the northern hemisphere, where cool colors signify stormy and cool weather. We had mentioned the return of the “evil empire” or more technically speaking the return of a mid-latitude upper ridge in the eastern Pacific and a tightening of the jet stream above this ridge. For other businesses that make mainly credit sales the position is more uncertain because the cash flow depends on the success of collecting the debts. Obviously, users will notice plenty of websites which provide the opportunity for fans to make predictions and place bets.

Our one of a kind interface makes it simple for users to find markets (best odds prediction) they are keen on. The freezing point can be checked with a simple tool available at any auto parts store. Temps on Tuesday morning will start below zero and remain below freezing through Wednesday. Please don’t ask for your location’s snow, I will not answer if you ask. Right now, a North Platte, NE to Cedar Rapids, IA swath is looking good for the most snow, with similar amounts east until Gary, IN. If JaMarcus Russell is as good a quarterback as they are hoping, Oakland could be decent, but don’t expect miracles: since their Super Bowl appearance, they have made a disappearance, finishing way under .500 for the past four seasons. They just need to take permission from Fiji Trade and Investment Board(FTIB), after which they are free to buy almost any property or land in Fiji. The system in question will tap into pure Gulf of Mexico moisture that will allow heavy snow to fall across a potentially wide swath of land. Thunderstorms are possible along that front, but the system should be out of the Southeast by Sunday night, according to CNN meteorologist Madeline Scheinost.

This system will get aided by the fact that the cold air will be in the process of retreating northward thus providing the natural overrunning surface necessary for accumulating snow. The negative phases of these indexes both allow cold air to push into the United States, and the negative NAO permits the storm track to push north and threaten the East Coast with more coastal snowstorms. In the wake of the snow Monday comes one more mini blast of chill before a major push of warm weather that should exceed the thaw we saw around the new year. Yesterday I told you about how there would likely be some changes in the Long Range GFS model run I saw? Looking at the 500mb height anomaly composite for the four years that match three of my five parameters, we see a much different story than we saw with the less-preferred analog set we just went over.