Dreams And Predictions

The models now are in fair agreement that Henriette should move into the southern GoC. Our first goalscorer tips are based on the most likely player, taking into account a range of data and figures. Some have heated sensor tips to keep them free from snow or ice thus ensuring accurate measurements. Vamsee Krishnan, Officer Commanding , 122 RCC said that 10 kilometer stretch of the highway is being cleared of snow as the workforce have been put into operation to provide extended connectivity to Ladakh with Kashmir. During a heavy, rapid snowfall the snow plows and sand trucks are overwhelmed and most roads become impassable. The GEM model has the storm’s minimal pressure in the eastern half of Texas, farther south than the NOGAPS/GFS are showing. Canada’s GEM model is also portraying a squall line, but further west than what the other two models are showing. The 12z GFS is showing a weak atmospheric cap present over the area at hour 144, but nothing that a squall line shown above could be stopped by. This is one where the Moderate Risk area was left out. As we can see, there is a pronounced risk of Moderate Risk area over the Plains into Upper Midwest region.

We can see the tornado risk isn’t very high except for, again the Northern Plains into the Upper Midwest. The Storm Prediction Center has updated the Upper Midwest severe weather outlook to MODERATE in some areas. However, I cannot exactly locate where the center is, so that is not a definite comparison. However, the way the sea surface temperature graph above looks, the PDO appears to be trying to get into a phase but is currently not in any decisive motion towards one phase or another. I would guess though that we get at least one major event before the new year. The Sun’s polar field reversed near the peak activity of cycle 23 (year 2000), and began its growth toward a new peak with opposite polarity. The introduction and conclusion, written by the co-editors, provides historical perspective, unique synthesis and prospects, and emerging opportunities in this exciting, complex and interdisciplinary field. Plains into the Midwest, with severe weather warnings beginning to be issued as the storms move into a more favorable environment. An active weather pattern will continue through likely the rest of the month as we see a deep low pressure system and a deep ridge fight each other in the Pacific.

The VAD Doppler radar data at Yuma indicate that this surge is about 3,000 ft deep. Then, the main issue becomes how far north the deep moisture and precipitation fields associated with the weakening storm will come. The thing that gets pretty concerning in my eyes is how deep layer shear (DLS) may be over 70 knots, which is pretty concerning for a possible tornadic scenario. Tomorrow there will be a strong isallobaric wind blowing down the GoC and that may slosh today’s low-level moisture back toward the south. So much of our interesting weather is associated with air moving up and down our substantial terrain and tomorrow will be a stellar example. The Lifted Index (LI) for this time frame is not impressive, with the lowest values of down to -4. If there’s a comfortable pair of fall or winter boots you have your eye on, now is the time to splurge on them. The GEM has always been more of a ‘funny’ model than much of a serious one, so for now I am discounting it. The European model and its ensembles anticipate the MJO staying in a low-grade Phase 3 state over the short-term, before shifting into Phase 4, strengthening somewhat, and then potentially weakening into the ‘circle of death’.

The track of Henriette will then be the key determining factor for the weather over southeastern Arizona. While the weather of Venus is a swirling, chaotic scenario; the temperature is intense and drastically hot. When turned on, it is heated to a specific temperature and immediately starts to emit heat through electromagnetic waves that are in the infrared range. You are controlled by some unseen force into every situation that ever happens, your mind is not free to decide, to create, to manifest the desires of your heart. The JMA may even be showing a tropical system offshore Florida, but that is a whole different situation. Here’s the laughable JMA model, from the Japanese Meteorological Agency. This would allow the moisture associated with the storm to move directly into at least southeastern Arizona and give the potential for a significant rain event. It appears that the current trough in the northwest will move rapidly over the top of the middle-level anticyclone leaving some remnants of Henriette blocked and decaying over northern Sonora and the GoC. This makes us believe that in August or prior to that, Litecoin’s price will increase massively.