Fire And Weather Disturbances In Terrestrial Ecosystems Of The Eastern Cascades

Current Computer Resources (peak computational capacity in petaflops) of the European Center Versus the National Weather Service Environmental Modeling Center. The funds from the Sandy supplemental funding would be enough to secure a computer from IBM with a peak performance of 2 petaflops, substantially less than the European Center computer. National Weather Service. Today, the National Weather Service has two computers with peak performance of approximately 210 teraflops and 10,240 processors (Note: 1 petaflop equals 1000 teraflop, a teraflop is a trillion operations per second). This US computer recently was upgraded from 80 to 210 teraflops, with a change in computer architecture from IBM proprietary to commodity chips. The effective use of a large computer system, like the European Center has, would greatly improve U.S. This inferiority was made clear to the general population during the period before Superstorm Sandy’s landfall, when the U.S. It offered the U.S. As noted by many, including NWS Environmental Modeling Center staff, a major reason why the U.S.

The effects of extreme weather events, including unusual temperature, wind, or moisture have generally had less significant impact than fire. And keep in mind that the European Center only has to do global weather prediction while the National Weather Service has vastly more modeling responsibilities, including high-resolution forecasting over a vast nation. European Center for Medium Range Weather Forecasting and the UKMET office consistently outperforming the U.S. With such an acute need for enhanced computer power, you would think the U.S. LACK OF COMPUTER POWER available to the National Weather Service operational center (Environmental Modeling Center). This lack of computer power guarantees U.S. And our computer has to do FAR more tasks. Now a year later, the computer has not even been ordered, while the the European Center has just secured a brand-new American computer to push the envelope of weather prediction far beyond that practiced in the U.S. As we all know that currently the climate can change quickly and even will turn out to be the horrifying climate condition. A lot of factors can cause the skin to become dry, right from cold, dry weather to not moisturizing skin regularly. The HRRR two hour forecast had the Puget sound band in the right location and orientation, as well as a heavy band of rain in eastern Washington.

Another line of heavy precipitation in eastern Washington. The Puget Sound band is not there and the precipitation in eastern Washington is too weak. Friday afternoon a very strong convective line developed over north Puget Sound and adjacent areas. SFC (Surface) winds will be converging along a front, so there is tornado potential to the north and south of the front. My least favorite moron, is the person that clears a little patch in the front windshield to peer out of and creates a mini blizzard as the snow blows off their car behind them. So behind the warm front, there was a current of strong flow associated with lots of moisture and warm air–an atmospheric river. Again, the arctic air continues to come on down into the Plains and Midwest, Ohio Valley and Mid-Atlantic behind this system to provide a base for lake effect snow and enhanced chances for snow in the Northeast.

Winter in Wyoming is, as you might expect or already know, extremely cold in many areas, though these cold waves seem to be relatively short in duration and come and go throughout the season. But the news should come to us by any means. But not perfect by any means. It usually means a stop at the local ice cream outlet but hey, that’s what summer is all about! 2. The U.S. does not have the computer power to run high-resolution ensembles (many forecasts) over the U.S., a necessity for prediction of thunderstorms and other local weather features. A whole cottage weather industry could be built around such detailed local weather forecasts, and I suspect will. Imagine a whole new generation of smartphone apps, showing you exactly what weather to expect in the next few hours. It was specifically pointed out that these techniques were applicable only in areas where the generation of geopressures is primarily the result of compaction in response primarily the result of compaction in response to the stress of overburden.

According to this map, the disturbance would likely continue to move westward and encounter a possible southward motion in the process, However, should this current pattern hold, an eventual westerly-turning-northwest movement would likely result. There are two resolutions of the current NOAA/NWS Rapid Refresh system, one at 13 km (called Rapid Refresh) and 3-km (the High Resolution Rapid Refresh or HRRR). Translation: the new European Center computer is approximately 15 times faster than the current National Weather Service computer. The computer promised to greatly improve weather prediction in the U.S. It is nearly a year since the U.S. The U.S. really needs a 20-30 petaflop computer resource to provide U.S. 4. The U.S.lacks the computer power for high-resolution global ensembles, which are critical for prediction of uncertainty and probabilities. Lack of Computer Power is Crippling U.S. Numerical weather prediction is one of the most complex activities done by our species, requiring billions of dollars of hardware, understanding and modeling of physical processes from the microscale to the planetary scale, complex computer science issues, and much more.