Blustery conditions prevail for the duration of Friday and those winds will introduce another night of sub-zero temperatures. There were hints that some overrunning moisture associated with a push of warmer temperatures might impact the mountain and this will occur but much farther north. After some snow on Monday, a clipper system will move southeast through the eastern Great Lakes Tuesday but its moisture will entirely miss New England and much of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be precipitation free. There are reasons for this and opinions will vary as to those reasons. There are indications of a weather system in the mid-week period (Jan 21-22) but a much weaker one and the good news, a much snowier one since warm-up has been squashed in successive recent runs of model data. There are still some signs of a 2nd piece to this storm system, though in recent days this system appears weaker and less threatening. In one of our recent discussions, we talked about, to put it kindly, the erratic performance of some of the medium range ensembles this winter.

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Second, applicants will feel so-so, yawn, big-deal, and who-cares if a new job pays them the same as their previous job. So, how do you feel about the weather? As of late last week, it appeared as if Vermont and much of New England would be ground zero for a battleground of airmasses and weather conditions. A healthy area of cold remains across much of Eastern Canada while a building upper ridge across the Mid Atlantic and Southeast U.S. The Pacific Decadal Oscillation has soared to near record positive levels making it very difficult to position any type of upper ridge across eastern North America for any significant length of time, even when the ensembles suggest as much. And lastly, the presence and absence of the southern branch of the jet has wreaked havoc on the longer range ensembles. Generally speaking, many of the super-warm ideas that have been indicated on some of the long range weather maps have failed due to feedbacks related to that big expansion of snow and ice that we saw leading up the winter.

I mean even the larger scale ideas that were advertised with vigor only a few days ago have been thrown completely out the window today. This is simply one of those days where guys like me look at the Chess Board and come to the realization that its time to wipe the slate clean and start anew. In a day or two, I’ll have a better idea as to amounts of snow when we know for sure whether or not this storm will come to fruition. It is the only real piece of semi-lousy news I could come up with today. This particular piece of energy might be capable of grabbing some southern stream moisture as it heads toward the eastern seaboard. A weak clipper Thursday night, passing well to the region’s north will spread some limited moisture and very light snow to the mountain and an inch or two of accumulation by early Friday.