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Handling the maintenance of a home requires a lot of hard work. “You may need a prescription lotion to combat the dry skin or you may have a condition that isn’t simply dry skin and that requires different treatment. The Arctic Oscillation is expected to be neutral or negative for this timeframe, meaning there may be cold air available for a winter storm and not just a regular storm system. So what’s all of this talk about a Thanksgiving winter storm? Based on all of the teleconnections and indexes presented to me, it looks as if the weather pattern will undergo some change in the next week or two, as a new, more winter-like pattern takes hold near Thanksgiving. 8. With developments in drone deployments in several cities for weather research purposes, there is need for a crowded skies navigation system which will help them avoid other weather drones on similar missions.

This doesn’t (!) mean that charts are worthless – conversely, there’s nothing else that can help one estimate the bottoming or topping prices of silver. The MJO tracks convection anomalies along the Equator, and, depending on the strength and location of the enhanced convection, is sorted into one of eight phases. In the positive phase, high pressure anomalies are found along the West US and into Southwest Canada. Looking at the latest temperature anomalies over the Gulf of Mexico, we can see widespread warmer than normal sea surface temperatures, particularly in the western and eastern thirds of the body of water. By looking at a total of 17 major winter storms, I compiled data that indicated a negative NAO, positive PNA, negative EPO and negative AO were most favorable for Midwest winter storms. As if this long range discussion wasn’t long enough already, we’re going to dive into our fourth teleconnection, the East Pacific Oscillation (or EPO). It was going to be a walk just to enjoy the beauty of it all. The final teleconnection to discuss is the Madden Julian Oscillation (MJO), which is more like a whole other index than a teleconnection.

Like the previous two indexes, the PNA has a positive and negative phase. PNA. The buckling of the jet stream occurs in the West US instead of the East, and this then leads to, you guessed it, warm and tranquil conditions for the East US. The shifting jet stream also permits the Midwest and Ohio Valley to receive some decent chances for winter storms. This allows the jet stream to buckle south in the Plains and Midwest, giving those regions cold weather. This sort of temperature pattern resembles the El Nino pattern, where one typically sees above normal temperatures in the North and cooler weather in the South. I am showing it because the GFS may have caught on to this idea for one run, but I am NOT endorsing it in any way, other than just to point it out. This may give you an idea of my current thoughts in terms of storm placement, but not necessarily the precipitation type. It is a possibility, though, so keep in mind that any stop on your cruise may be canceled or rearranged. In fact, it has been further opined that a good psychic will not even bother to read your mind because it’s your soul which is right at the centre of your energies.

Well, we know that this is at least a possibility due to the weather experienced in the Bering Sea recently, and the weather East Asia will experience soon. It’s only November 11- how can I know this is actually a possibility? Composites of November MJO phases 1 and 2 reveal that the West, Plains and Midwest experience cooler temperatures in Phase 1, with a very wet pattern for the Midwest, Gulf Coast and Ohio Valley in that same phase. Let’s outline what we are expecting in terms of teleconnections for the time around Thanksgiving- more specifically, the November 24-29 period for when this storm could occur. This will be a big factor in the potential winter storm I will discuss later on. Today by far will be the nicest day with temperatures in the 60’s. Expect rain at times tomorrow and showers everyday as we head into Friday. Each wriggly can eat up to 50 aphids per day each, but kill many more by injecting a poison into their legs. Generally, heat emergencies relate to the heath-related illnesses that can result from prolonged exposure (and physical activity) to and in excessive temperatures. Northeast Pacific, as a result of ridging in the region.

By accounting for a handful of major winter storms in the Midwest, I was able to create a composite of when winter storms are most likely to occur in this region. This will set the stage for what could be a major winter storm in the US, and that’s what we will discuss next. What I did draw from the MJO Northeast winter storm composite, however, is that the latter MJO phases (Phases 7-2) are most favorable for Northeast winter storms. The negative NAO and favorable MJO composite would seem to lend a hand to the Northeast in terms of this winter storm potential, although right now, I personally see the Midwest, Plains and Ohio Valley at risk for this system. Where would this storm go? The Storm Prediction Center has issued a severe weather outlook for Sunday, April 27th, indicating the continuance of Saturday’s severe weather. So, we have tentatively established that there will be a Thanksgiving winter storm.