Relationship Between Airborne Fungal Spore Presence And Weather Variables

The current projection from the European ECMWF model shows a storm system to develop from the Southeast US before moving northeast and along the East Coast. However, if the ridging is too weak, the system may not move up the coast as eagerly. The image above, from the ECMWF model valid on November 12th, shows a 1045 millibar high pressure system in Nebraska. This image shows the Northern Hemisphere as of the time of publishing. The models continue to indicate a windy event, and graphic at bottom is from the WRF-GFS and shows the forecast for 10-m wind speeds valid at 2:00 am Monday morning. The ECMWF snowfall forecast is truly remarkable. Let’s take a look at that ECMWF snowfall forecast I told about a few sentences ago. Minnesota and Nebraska look to also be in the line of fire, with areas farther south and west receiving low end risks of severe weather potential. In a twist, we now see the Eastern Seaboard receiving similarly-heavy precipitation totals, quite a difference from the first ensemble member. This sounding from Springfield, Missouri indicates that the atmosphere is very unstable and dangerous right now.

You can clearly see the energy dropping south, right along the contour lines that show a steep ridging across the Western US, and then the downhill slope of contour lines in the Minnesota/Iowa area. The image above gives an overview of the 500mb height contours and anomalies on the left, as well as cloud cover and sea level pressure contours/markings on the right. The ECMWF and GFS both agree that a major Canadian high pressure system will slide down into the Plains in the day or so before this potential storm system. So let’s take a look at the GFS and ECMWF model forecasts for the NAO. Winter storms can (and have) happen(ed) in a positive NAO, but the ratio of winter storms in the negative phase and positive phase decisively favors the negative NAO. You can find copper outdoor fireplaces, along with ones made of other metals and clay.

There are many acne treatment systems on the market today and deciding which ones will work best for you can be tough. It can easily be picked up and moved, and if it does that, it can easily collapse and cause damage or injury. Preseason forecasts can be a mess to evaluate in hindsight for their inexactitudes, inaccuracies and unquantifiable subjectivities. The HPC’s Gridded Forecasts spread a swath of potential of severe weather from Texas to the US-Canada Border. The Storm Prediction Center has outlined two areas of severe weather for June 9th and 10th, for Days 6 (D6) and 7 (D7), respectively. Here is the snow depth analysis for 2019 on December 14th (today) compared to the snow distribution on Dec. 14th of the past two years. With the negative height anomalies hitting Japan now, 6-10 days from today would put us in the November 13-17 timeframe, which is when the models project this winter storm to happen.

The GFS model projects the North Atlantic Oscillation to be positive during this timeframe, actually rising to a stronger positive stance as the potential storm unfolds. Per the latest GFS and its ensemble system, the first option would come true, and the energy would meander off into the Atlantic, likely leaving some snow, but not a massive amount. The American GFS model is much less enthusiastic with the event, bringing about plowable snow in an area from western Pennsylvania to North Carolina. Out west, a dry line will be present from western Texas north into South Dakota. Tight isobars indicate that the scene will be a windy one; not surprising with the presence of a strong cold front and low pressure system. A big Canadian high pressure system will drop down into the Plains to influence this potential storm system. On June 9th, a strong low pressure system with central pressure of 996 millibars looks to shift east into the Northern Plains. The area where the severe storms usually form is in the Plains through the Midwest.

In most cases, Northeast winter storms happen in a negative NAO. This would help northeast-ward movement of the storm system, like the ECMWF believes will eventually land it in the Northeast. Plowable snow is spread from the Northeast to the Mid-Atlantic, but it is West Virginia and the state of Virginia that gets hammered with as much as 36.6” of snow, per the graphic above. I do think there is a decent chance of snow falling in the outlined area- the question is how much. A digital detox works much the same way. Astrology prediction can be useful and at the same time beneficial to some people, and most of them seek astrological advises as to how to cope with life when it comes to love affairs, marriage, and death. No problem. You can buy inexpensive gear with less accuracy that still can tell you a great deal. For those who aren’t familiar with the millibar system, let me tell you that 1045 millibars defines a very strong high pressure system- not just any ol’ high pressure system.