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The Science Of Astronomy For Kids

The later practice of adopting the ahargana or “heap of days” is based upon solar and civil day reckoning which is of obvious practical value for calendrics. The detour down to the Moon doesn’t seem so strange when you consider

Women In Astronomy

It helps to know there is someone in your corner. 2. Tell someone you trust: advisor, best friend, parent, sibling, etc. Talk about the pros and cons of filing an official complaint. 6. If you have any supporting documentation or

National Optical Astronomy Observatory

Astronomers all over the world waited eagerly for the first high-resolution images. The equinoxes: On 21st March, the Earth is so positioned with reference to the sun that the sun’s rays are vertical at the equator and the entire world

Astrology As Cultural Astronomy

The MVAS observatory is one of the nicest amateur facilities I’ve ever visited. The chapters on spectral line emission have been updated to cover measurements of the neutral hydrogen radiation from the early universe as well as measurements with new