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Starting A Small Tailoring Business

The placement of that abundance tells me that the low pressure system is taking the route that the 12z GFS took. I took the liberty of looking at a few other models for their take on the situation, and I

Top Ten Reasons To Write Articles To Publicize Your Business

The yield potential of any crop is set by the climate and its day-to-day variation which we know as weather. As of July 11th, NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center (CPC) branch determined that an El Nino Advisory was warranted, indicating that

Why Every Business Owner Must Focus On Android Application Development?

Though applications can be developed on numerous OS, there are some well-defined aids of developing apps. Learn the newly introduced Android Open Accessory (AOA) Protocol and explore developing NFC reader using AOA protocol. Customization – As android is based on

Why Developing An IOS App Is A Valuable Investment For Your Business

When I get the touch position from onTouchEvent() method in TouchView, I get the pixel color from the mask image, instead of get from the original image. So I can detect the touched part by comparing the mask pixel color