The Fascinating Predictions Of Louis D. Rubin Sr., The Weather Wizard

The warmest conditions look to be centered on the Plains, but temperatures gaining to at least seasonal levels appears likely from the Front Range in Colorado out into the Ohio Valley. The storm in question has already deposited snow across the southern Rocky Mountains and much of the front range and high plains as far south as Texas. They are a feast or famine location as far as U.S. Super Nino. This past week has been beyond epic as far as snow goes and it isn’t done yet and is likely to continue for a good part of the rest of the month. I have made mention and many have heard of the epic snows across the Sierra Nevada over the past week. Not sure if I have ever seen so many warnings issued for one county. One way is by locating certain bacteria found on your skin. We can see the powerful Pacific jet stream roaring along at roughly 200 knots, which is considered a strong jet stream any way you slice it. The panel on the right, showing the projected jet stream winds, indicates the jet streak will contain winds between 110 and 130 knots, in contrast to the 80-110 knot winds in the jet stream around the storm.

This image shows the observed jet stream, as of 12z (6 AM Central Time) this morning. The GFS model shows sub-540 values spread across the Midwest and Great Lakes, meaning we could see some wintry precipitation in those areas. The close proximity of the low pressure center late Thursday will likely allow a dry slot end the precipitation later Thursday evening and allow much of Thursday night to be dry. The snow showers should intensify Friday night and we should see an accumulation above 1500 feet. Colder air will infiltrate the region by Friday morning but temperatures will be very marginal and less than marginal for a time across the valley locations. The cold air is not expected to grip the region for long however and you can thank our evil empire in the Pacific for that. There is some cold weather advancing into the U.S. Now we have got lots of inventions that are providing us almost the correct information related to the weather.

One of my first encounters with this information was a blustery day out on the school playground, when it occurred to me that many of my classmates seemed to be warmer than I was. One of the main attractions of all the Twain Harte lodgings is the proximity of Yosemite National Park. After such full days, you’ll appreciate the privacy and comfort ofthe Twain Harte vacation rentals at night. Flurries and snow showers will continue through a good part of Saturday followed by clearing Saturday night and lots of April sunshine Sunday. That bit of knowledge, however, rarely makes it into the mainstream media that can be depended upon to give lots of coverage to the “Peak Oil” crowd that has been predicting we will run out of oil any day now. Imagine if this money was used instead to improve and expand KUOW’s local news coverage? Very limited amounts of good news once again and this accompanies a New York Giants playoff lost. Aluminum is a good thermal conductor which means it isn’t as energy efficient, even though the manufacturers try to boost this drawback with other innovations.

Subtropical energy will try and organize itself later in the weekend and advance northeast. This giant piece of jet stream energy will churn its way northeast and an influx of gulf moisture and convective fireworks will help the storm continue to intensify as it heads toward the eastern Great Lakes. The jet stream will then shoot northward again as the clipper moves east over the Atlantic, which will make the storm ACT like a Nor’easter solely in terms of track. The jet stream will be playing a crucial role when this clipper system comes along out of Canada, and it may work in favor of strengthening the clipper system as it traverses the Central US and when it jumps offshore. When the clipper begins to move down towards the United States from Canada, the pattern will be a predominantly northwest flow regime, meaning the movement of the atmosphere is from the northwest to the southeast.