The Most Dangerous Element

For those who into astrology but who aren’t astrologers, the basic thing to understand about this switch of systems doesn’t change the prime horizontal (Ascendant/Descendant) axis, nor the vertical (Midheaven/Nadir) axis. Oh…and just one other thing on that Koch/Placidus thing. In Astrology there is cycles within cycles and on one level Mars is ending a cycle as Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. Ending a two year cycle for action in a sense, starting a new cycle in five weeks. Some kind of illusion was happening that day most likely connected to relationships and or money, now round two. Stuff like that. It won’t last long, Have a great day no matter what. Mars really gets in deep as it transits Neptune the day before the new moon. Don’t get lost in escape or fantasy; get in touch with spiritual compassion and empathy, using creativity and imagination to help you feel more passion about the vision you want to create on this next new moon. You will feel lots of tension and stress emotionally, mentally and physically unless you flow with the universe right now and let current situations help you make future decisions by tapping into the spiritual all knowing.

Don’t let friends or relatives make you feel guilty if you’re not able to attend one of their affairs. However Mercury won’t make it past this conjunction as it’s just now starting to lose momentum; slowing down from the earth’s perspective which means tonight (Jan 10) will be the closest that these two planets will be together for awhile. Mars already faced the reality of Saturn’s authority and now is deep in dream land with very strong imaginative energy, being led by divine will. This is all the revolution and war energy being intensified Sunday – Tues so choose your battles wisely and if no battles to fight trust that these social developments are for the best for all involved. Symbolically this means that the universal mental focus is quietly observing the social flow, group activity, friendships, and what might be next for us within the group dynamics. Circumstances turn real intense and powerful, strong social situations develop whether you are just observing or actually engaged in tough power struggles or deep issues arising around you. Sometimes it takes a town, or so they say, for you it takes really understanding the dynamic at play right now between you and this other important person and the third party interests that are pulling you here and there.

Transit Mars is symbolic of universal passion; it’s how we make things happen in our life; the warrior energy; where the action and strong forceful energy is in our life right now. Now apply this to your life and current circumstances in regards to that long term vision you have for yourself within the group. Make sure that you have a home, finances, and most of all a ring, before you propose. We have some interesting astrological aspects building today that might be worth mentioning to make it easier to stay in awareness. Powerful events are unfolding at the same time all around which means the universe does have a very strong influence over your free-will actions right now. Pisces is Water energy and Mars is Fire so right now we all have a strong drive pushing us to create our visions for the future. There is some interesting astrology taking place right now leading up to the Aquarius new moon on Jan 20 which changes everything. We might have been stuck in our mind thinking about all that for the last few weeks with some detachment but now that energy runs into a very unsettling wet fog bank. In addition, the scientific history of man shows how many amateur astronomers have contributed and played an active role in observing and discovering what is referred to as transient phenomena.

Nonetheless, you should counsel a crystal gazer and wear the fitting birthstone just as a wrong birthstone can have a negative effect on your essence. If they’re a believer, see if there’s anything you can do to support their efforts to counteract Mercury’s influence. Growth in life in general and in career in specific, is a result of our choices and efforts. The Sun square Neptune means some kind of illusion is forming, so in general most people are not seeing reality very clear today. Astrology is something that brings out the calculate opportunities, task and chances that can be taken, challenges which are going to come. By knowing your strengths and weaknesses, you can make empowered choices and steer away from dangerous temptations. So, first they will prepare, make some tests, necessary modifications and later they will reveal their system. Let me first list all these main aspects then we’ll go from there. Business opportunities, love and relationships, career growth, investment and health are the main features are there that helps you to plan for ahead for the future.

There are five elements also which influence like Earth, wood, metal, water and fire. In astrology (so you know) there are really a couple of schools of thought on this stuff. My grandfather was the Pad 39A safety officer for all the Apollo launches that occurred there. Don’t dwell in the past or stoke fears of the future, mind f’ing yourself on what is right or wrong. It’s been a couple years since this has happened and yet Mars also faces its first quarter square with Saturn right before the new moon. If you want to see the conjunction look outside to the west after dusk until you find bright Venus; once it gets a little darker Mercury should appear right below that. Please see the Consultations page for more details. To know more ways, get help from finance astrology predictions. I also serve on a few astrology organizational boards, and I’m an entrepreneur who helps others build their businesses as mind-body-spirit practitioners. I think you get the idea, it can manifest differently for everyone depending on your own astrology. Sometimes it can help to let go of the need for control of your life.