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This typhoon looks to hit Japan head-on from this forecast image. Looks like what you add it all up some decent rainfall will be experienced by some areas especially over PA from this week’s activity. The GFS model shows sub-540 values spread across the Midwest and Great Lakes, meaning we could see some wintry precipitation in those areas. A lot of people are using smart phones and accomplishing their needs and with a huge amount of Android users from the world, it can be of great benefit of having a unique and different Android Application. Thanks for a great winter season everyone. The 50mb level is also seeing significant warming in the upper latitudes, which only confirms the idea that this is indeed a sudden stratospheric warming event, quite possibly the first one we’ve seen this whole season. Last season how did he perform? So what are the latest interior design trends for living rooms, bedrooms, and home offices that can last longer than usual?

Apparently gold did not see the ‘signal’ since its current price is nearly identical to its price on the day the prediction appeared in print just after the elections last November. There will be a trough of low pressure in east Asia 6-10 days before Memorial Day weekend. I am starting to take a look at the possible weather conditions for memorial day. Basically this pattern means that we will see high pressure develop over Greenland which in turn causes the jet stream to dip over our region.This is not the only factor to look at however. Strong cold front over the central U.S. Central Michigan: New Mexico Bowl fearless prediction and game preview. A low pressure system will be stationed in northern Texas, with an occluded front stretching horizontally from central Oklahoma through the Carolinas. At 4:00 PM CDT, a member of the WRF ensembles begins initiation of showers and storms in western Oklahoma. At 5:00 PM CDT, it is evident that these showers and storms may be taking on supercell characteristics, and by 8:00 PM CDT, the storms have merged into a bowing segment or multi-cellular segment.

A multi-cell cluster would enhance a hail risk while a bowing segment would enhance wind risk, so this may be a multi-cell cluster. Rainfall averages about two inches per month from January through April, spikes to nearly four inches in May and drops in June and July. Snow. High near 18. Chance of precipitation is 90%. New snow accumulation of 6-10 inches possible. Before anyone says anything, I firmly stand by statements that I meant when I said that there ought to have been more cold and snow this month- some indices were favorable and it just didn’t happen. Other than the occasional indices update, this is about it for winter postings. Over the winter, I have been using a very wide variety of indices. This all plays into our winter storm threat using the concept that weather phenomena that occurs in Japan is reciprocated 6-10 days later in North America / after it happens in Japan.

The NAO or North Atlantic Oscillation will be negative. Now, with the PNA going back negative and the NAO to stay around neutral, the window of opportunity we looked to have in February has been shut. What I have found is that some were favorable for snow at certain times while others weren’t, and it’s been going that way for some time. The model forecasts some snow accumulations with the front on Mt. Graham and in the White Mountains. Very light precipitation – drizzle, fog, a very light dusting of snow – doesn’t have enough heft to damage a high-quality retractable awning when it’s extended. This GFS model forecast, made at the same time as the image at the top of this post, shows precipitation on the morning of October 12th, along with 1000-500mb thickness values. The model forecasts showers and light precipitation with the cold front on Sunday, with rainfall amounts light except at highest elevations.

The sudden stratospheric warming phenomenon allows the polar vortex to weaken, and this enhances the possibility of Arctic cold outbreaks not unlike those we saw earlier in January. It is now clear that the sudden stratospheric warming event has extended itself into a decent chunk of the stratosphere. The 30mb temperature anomaly animation above shows how the stratospheric polar vortex has been under attack for a longer period of time compared to the upper stratosphere. The image above shows the 500mb height anomaly forecast from the GFS model, valid on October 5th. Blues on this graphic indicate negative height anomalies, which typically bring about cold and stormy conditions. The weather is the temperature, humidity, and wind conditions right now. You also want to fish when there is a wind vs no wind. Because there are so many different time zones in the world, it gets hard to track models- much more if some are made in different continents. There is a moderate risk of severe thunderstorms as outlined by the Storm Prediction Center for the Southern Plains today.