Wettest January On Record In Phuket Thailand

The GFS model shows thunderstorms developing.. Will show a variety of model products this morning. Good morning everyone. Winter is now a distant memory as we enter our spring pattern. Aluminum windows aren’t good for colder climates since they fall short in terms of efficiency compared to other material types. Many homes look wonderful for years or even decades if they have good quality siding installed by professional contractors, but there’s always the potential for trouble. This makes it difficult to hear any broadcasts warnings, or even the approach of a tornado itself. Did we approach or exceed some daily temperature records? Sea Tac achieved a daily high record in early November and tied some low records earlier in the period. Flooding due to sea levels rising and the heavy rain is likely to occur more often. The region could save that in a single major storm, if the forecast could be improved (e.g., the major flooding in December 07 on the Chehalis). As we get closer to December we will start to see these anomalies become more extreme, with the below-normal temperatures getting colder and above-normal temperatures raising their anomaly projection. In general, that image shows the start of a warmer flow of air over our area.

In any event each week that goes by this month everyone will start to see more consistency in warmer temperatures. This week looks to be one of those weeks. Consider temperatures during the past 12 weeks at Seattle-Tacoma Airport (below). Yes, as shown below, with purple dots being the daily high and the blue dots the daily low records for Seattle-Tacoma Airport. Records have been shattered across the board, especially at the 70 millibar level, as shown above. The 06 UTC WRF-GFS forecast (from Atmo) above forecasts very light rainfall totals for southeast Arizona (better amounts for mountains to our northeast) – however forecasts this morning are trending a bit wetter. There have been a number of short-term forecast failures that could have been prevented if we had such a radar. The 48-hour forecast from that run (below, valid at 12 UTC on the 17th) for Wednesday morning indicates the system closed-off over Arizona. Above is NAM 12 UTC 500 mb analysis this morning. The red line of observed temperatures has passed above the thin gray line, which is the record stratospheric temperature for that day.

This sudden stratospheric warming (SSW) was predicted a while in advance by The Weather Centre, but the magnitude of this warming was severely underestimated. Predicted tidal heights are those expected under average weather conditions. Combine the two and if the atmospheric conditions are right you get severe weather. Prediction LA provides its BPO Services into two categorized types: Back office services include internal business processes, such as billing or purchasing, Accounting, Payroll Processing and tech support. The tight weaving provides luster to the cloth and maximum flyability. Meteoalarm provides up-to-the minute severe weather warnings for 30 European countries. However, due to a few storm systems that will pass along a frontal gradient to our north the weather will become very unsettled at times this week. AN INCREASINGLY UNSTABLE AIR MASS IS BECOMING SUPPORTIVE OF SEVERE STORM DEVELOPMENT ACROSS PORTIONS OF NORTH CENTRAL AND NORTHEAST TEXAS THROUGH THE OZARK PLATEAU AND UPPER PORTIONS OF THE LOWER MISSISSIPPI VALLEY LATE THIS AFTERNOON.

The approaching system will bring gusty southwest winds this afternoon and tomorrow to our area, as well a chance for thunderstorms and light precipitation. AS WELL AS ORGANIZING STORM CLUSTERS CAPABLE OF PRODUCING DAMAGING WIND GUSTS. It is a well versed system of studying the horoscope on the basis of the two planetary positions in a person’s birth or natal chart. Without going into two much detail severe weather occurs this time of year in that part of the country due to strong conflicting air masses. So we have a very much historic SSW happening. Norm Dicks district (who have the most to gain) taking a lead. Several of our senatorial and congressional delegation have been supportive, with Senator Cantwell taking a lead (see the web page for more info on this). Web development is my passion. This wind sheer causes those thunderstorms to spin creating a supercell thunderstorms which can produce tornadoes.

GAPIT can also perform the MLM and GLM approaches by adjusting the ‘group.to’ and ‘group.from’ input parameters. One thing that you don’t need to go wrong during the winter months is your roof, the one thing that can protect you from any rain, and cold. In climates characterized by low light, rain, snow, fog etc. lights not only serve for your visibility but also for the visibility of other vehicles and pedestrians on the road. If we saw a record-breaking warming like this, one can only imagine the potential there is for severe cold to hit the United States. The reason I say potential is because the cold’s path will be determined by the atmospheric pattern at the time, something that will take another several days to determine. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. It is safe to say this winter will go down as a historic one, as far as the stratosphere goes. Passaic and western Bergen counties – mixed precipitation with more icing is expected as a winter weather advisory expires at 6 p.m.