What Is Astrology

The articles contain information on all of the branches of the art for the interested student at any level of their learning as well as additional resources outside of this site to facilitate the student’s progress. 2. Advisors, How Do You Deal with Student Tears? Monday is about something going on behind the scenes or behind your back that is serious so get serious about it, write, make the call, deal with the agreement, communicate needs. You are in a good position to stand out and make some money through efforts here on these days. You have great energy here in meetings, talks, agreements, writing, and ideas so dive in. Tuesday and Wednesday are much lighter and about writing, agreements, or lots of talks, meetings, ideas, short trips, local action, or sibling/neighbor interests. There is so much opportunity today it’s a bit off the charts so open up to talks, meetings, short trips, agreements, decisions, writing, and anything involving creative projects, kids or true love. Thursday is powerful for you as something big comes together in the arena of true love, with a child or over a creative project. Tuesday and Wednesday are about creative projects, recreational activities, true love, or kids!

Tuesday and Wednesday will be about work, organizing, health, and/or pets. Tuesday and Wednesday are going to lighten up and put more focus on you so expect to be busy with friends or groups and in talks, meetings or fielding agreements. Astrologers have attempted to study and understand astronomy and its theories more accurately to increase the accuracy of their predictions. Astronomy refers to the study of the universe; the contents of the world outside the earth’s atmosphere. Astrology on the other hand, is the study of positions, the properties and the motions of celestial objects. It is an attempt to understand how the various positions and motions of these celestial objects can affect people and events on earth. You can step up and get what you want or a bit closer so state your cause. There’s you and then there’s the house, arg, are you feeling a bit limited here or like you have a load of responsibility?

Just like ChartMarkers, Star Parties are listed by month only and you can’t get specific location results. Chances are, they are part of the 11% percent of the population living on Life Path (6) the Path of the Teacher. Love or money is part of the mix and opportunity abounds today with creative ventures, lovers, children, and partners or representatives. There is an opportunity in the mix here for you to launch towards love or money in this and for a partner, agent or attorney to figure into the scenario in a beneficial way. The days have much opportunity in them for you here. Monday may feel like pulling hair as you have to handle the friend, group, social/networking event, or internet interest, and find a way to make the money flow. Friday Mars is active so you will be too and it is happening behind the scenes or tied to a film, music or other art interest, a clandestine affair, hospital matter, or addiction, it’s about what you DO.

Thursday is powerful in the form of a retreat, something you are doing behind the scenes or in secret, with a film, music or art project, a spiritual interest, clandestine romance, hospital, or dealing with an addiction. You may be focused on a film, music, art, spiritual, hospital, addiction, or affair in this, it’s about being real. Thursday is powerful for you as a new beginning is engaged involving your home, a move, real estate deal, mom, family, or roommate. You can really shine in these areas at home or involving a real estate deal, move, roommate, or family member and it’s all about the talks or decisions you have here. Tuesday and Wednesday are about home or any move, real estate deal, family/mom, or roommate interests. Friday Mars is active so you will be motivating over a trip, media, publishing, or marketing matter, education, ceremonies, or legal interests. Friday Mars is active so you will be geared up to motivate as you push things at home or involving that move or real estate matter, family or mom.